Beijing, 2008

  • DATE:- 08 AUG - 24 AUG
  • ATHLETES:- 10942
  • COUNTRIES:- 204
  • EVENTS:- 302
  • New Events At The Games: The 10km Swimming Marathon And BMX.
  • Two hundred and four National Olympic Committees (NOCs) took part in the Beijing Olympic Games - a record!
  • For some NOCs, it was the first time that one of their representatives had won a medal or was crowned Olympic Champion
  • NOCs like Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Bahrain, Mauritius and Panama won their first medals.
  • Linking the five names forms the sentence “Welcome to Beijing” (Bei Jing Huan Ying Nin). The mascots form the “Fuwa”, which translates as “good-luck dolls”.

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