Freebie Marketing

  • Often, consumers will spread the word about a great deal or freebie, eliminating the need for extensive in-house marketing.
  • When using the freebie strategy, marketers who maintain clear goals and measure the response rate of each campaign create financial ROI.
  • In addition to increased sales, freebies can improve brand visibility and reach within the marketplace.
  • Freebie marketing is defined as any promotion, low price product, or giveaway that encourages the sale of another, higher value product.
  • Sometimes freebie marketing campaigns are referred to as loss leader programs.
  • Almost everyone responds to the word “free.” When they see free shipping, gift with purchase, free e-book, or buy-one-get-one-free deal, people take a 2nd look.
  • As a marketing tactic, offering freebies earns a spot as a core revenue generating activity.
  • While many freebies deliver value, they also drive sales, which is why they serve as such as powerful marketing strategy.
  • Businesses search for value-added, low-cost products that will drive subsequent sales.
  • Brands need only provide relevant information in multiple channels including websites, social media pages, and offline publications.

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