How to Make Custom Frames for Facebook Stories to Promote Your Business

  • With the Facebook Camera Effects platform and its Frame Studio feature, you can design a custom frame that overlays your Facebook content
  • To begin, visit Facebook's Camera Effects Platform page and click "Create a Frame"
  • Assign an owner to the frame you create (your personal profile or a Facebook Page) which will make sharing it easier later on.
  • Next, click 'Upload Art' or drag and drop one or more .PNG file into the template. Use the handles to change the size and drag the images around into position.
  • With your design complete, hit 'Next' and give it a name so that it can be searched for by you and fans later on.
  • By default Frames can be used by anyone, however the Location option means you can set your frame to be triggered when a user is within a specific location.
  • Next, tell Facebook if you want your frame to be available as soon as it's approved, or if you'd rather delay the start date.
  • Last, add up to 10 keywords to help people find your Frame in future.
  • On the next page, you'll get one last chance to look over your Frame before you publish it.

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