Steps to starting a small business

  • Decide What Products or Services Your Small Business Will Offer considering What makes you an expert in your industry or what makes your product different
  • Know Your Market and Your Competition considering people's demographics, hangouts,common goals and traits
  • Business Plan (Executive Summary) - It’s a summary of all the main points of your business plan and is great to help you put your ideas onto paper.
  • Choosing a Business Structure-The options are Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Corporations, Limited Liability Company
  • Finding Funding from various sources like angel investors, incubators, financial institution etc
  • Name Your Business -The best way to tackle this whole process is to make a list of words that describes your business. Then narrow it down to the 1, 2 or 3
  • Setting up Your Website-Make sure you have that domain name ,Buy hosting,Setup your site.
  • Partner with Great People-One key to look for is someone with a different skill set then yourself
  • Brand and Market Yourself by Defining your audiences touch points and defining your end promises

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