10 Ways To Help Protect Yourself Against Cyber Crime

  • 1. Avoid using a public wi-fi- Or use a VPN i.e. a Virtual Private Network while accessing public wifi.
  • 2. Use a strong password- Don’t repeat your passwords on different sites, and change your passwords regularly. Also, make them complex.
  • 3. Keep your softwares updated- This is especially important with your operating systems and internet security software.
  • 4. Manage your social media settings- Keep your personal and private information locked down. Avoid sharing sensitive information on social media that can breach your security.
  • 5. Strengthen your home network- It’s a good idea to start with a strong encryption password as well as a virtual private network.
  • 6. Use an internet security suite- A full-service security suite can protect against malware and viruses in real-time and help protect private information.
  • 7. Be aware of frequent security breaches- If you have an account on a website that has been previously hacked, then be careful while using it.
  • 8. Don't click on links featured in pop-up adds- If you find any unrelated link on a pop-up while accessing a site, then avoid clicking on it.
  • 9. Don't share your bank details or any other personal information with anyone over the phone.
  • 10. Identity theft can happen anywhere, so always use a VPN- virtual private network- even when traveling.

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