Reasons why social media calendar is important for business

  • 1. To keep you organized: By managing your brand on multiple platform, it becomes messy sometimes and kill your efficiency.
  • 2. Stay informed: Knowing what you’ll say and when you’ll say it saves time so you can get other important things done.
  • 3. Don't miss important dates: Holidays, events, product launches ,campaigns are important dates and ensure that you don’t which you can plan in advance.
  • 4. To be consistent- Social media calendar helps you establish a regular cadence for each of your social channels and stick to it.
  • 5. To be accountable: Calendars are great for setting deadlines.Laying out a clear plan helps you know what content to publish on your social channels.
  • 6.To collaborate easily: By uploading the calendar on Google Sheet or any cloud platform, helps you work in a team and update them on real time basis.
  • 7. To increase efficiency and save time: By developing content well in advance, you can keep a watch on analysis of performance of content.
  • 8. To increase effectiveness: It helps you develop a balance between promotional content and engaging content, which improves the effectiveness.
  • 9. Notice patterns: Based on the performance of content, you can find the patterns like- contest on saturday works and on monday doesn't, etc.

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