How to get into the habit of reading?

  • 'A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read' -Mark Twain.
  • 1.Pick your favourite genre- Books fall under various genres ranging from fiction, science-fiction, young adult, non-fiction, self-help, etc. Find the genre you like, and start exploring.
  • 2. Set a goal- Block time in a day when you prefer to read. Set a target of reading a certain number of pages a day or/and a certain number of books a month. However, make sure to set attainable goals.
  • 3.Always carry a book with you- Make use of any free time that you may get during the day to read. That way you will always have a companion to keep you from the monotony of routine.
  • 4.Don't break the chain- If you are unable to spare the pre-determined time in a day for reading, try to squeeze in 5-10 minutes between tasks so that you don't break the chain of consistency.
  • 5.Start small but steady- Consistency is key. If you don't like a book, start reading another. But, don't give up on the habit altogether.