Things you can do with your amazon kindle

  • Play Apps And some games so you can kill some time with Scrabble, Sudoku
  • With Kindle Digest, Instapaper will send a selection of your queue to your Kindle
  • Send documents to your Kindle. Amazon has a Send to Kindle feature for PC, Mac, and mobile that makes it easy to send Word documents, PDFs, and more to devices
  • When you find a passage that resonates with you, just tap two opposite corners of the screen and your Kindle will take a screenshot of the page
  • On a Kindle, you can use the touchscreen to highlight text
  • Using K2pdfopt, you can reformat pdfs to be more readable on your Kindle.
  • Bookdrop lets you sync a Dropbox folder to your Kindle, so all your ebooks and documents are automatically loaded onto your device whenever connected to wifi
  • Loan Books To A Friend. Amazon's 14-day loan policy let you do this

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