History of Golf

  • Game played on the eastern coast of Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife during the 15th century
  • Some historians believe that Kolven from Holland and Chole from Belgium influenced the game
  • Latter was introduced into Scotland in 1421
  • Golf's status and popularity quickly spread throughout the 16th century due to it's royal endorsement by King Charles
  • The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith (1744) was the first club
  • In 1754 the St Andrews Society of Golfers was formed to compete in it's own annual competition using Leith's rules
  • The first golf club outside Scotland was Royal Blackheath (near London) in 1766
  • The first golf club outside Britain was the Bangalore, India (1820)
  • The first international golf tournament was the Amateur Golf Championship of India and the East in 1893
  • Golf was confirmed as a global sport when it was made an Olympic sport in 1900

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