Key terms every Graphic Designer should know!

  • Raster images are made up of thousands of pixels which determine the color and form of the image. Photos are raster images.
  • Vector-based images are made up of points, each of which has a defined X and Y coordinate.
  • CMYK( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black ) is the standard color mode for sending documents to the printers.
  • RGB ( Red, Green & Blue ) for screen output.
  • DPI 'Dots Per Inch' the former is only of concern when you're creating work for printed output, 300DPI is the standard for printing images.
  • PPI 'Pixels Per Inch' the quality of the output affect if there are too few ppi, then the pixels will be very large & you will get a very pixelated image.
  • Typography is the art of arranging type. The difference between good type and great type is often what sets brilliant designers apart.
  • Logos are powerful things; for designer they represent the challenge of distilling a client's essence into a single graphic. The best logos can live for a long.
  • Branding a good brand identity is carefully built out of a number of elements, & the logo will reflect these elements & work within the brand system.