12 Great Strategies to build your brand and increase awareness

  • Craft a promising and differentiated brand which is based on reality.
  • Build your brand promise around a big idea.
  • Build a brand promise that is specific and offer based.
  • Practice pull-marketing techniques to generate low cost and high quality awareness.
  • Use powerful and compelling words to drive your message home.
  • Treat social media as a long term and cumulative process instead of a quick fix.
  • Use Blogging as your first tool for B2B social media success.
  • Use LinkedIn as your second tool for B2B social media success.
  • Use Twitter as your third tool for B2B social media success.
  • To stand out in B2B public relations, align your PR efforts with the rest of your pull marketing strategy.
  • Think outside the box when it comes to B2B PR by being personal and unique.
  • Use the art of "friendly persistence" to constantly expand your circle of marketing influence.