Telangana (Bathukamma)

  • Although Telangana has recently stood up to it’s feet.
  • Telangana has also bifurcated some special festivals for it.
  • Bathukamma is one of the most special festivals of Telangana which involves worship of goddess Gauri and consequent celebrations.
  • Bathukamma is a colourful and vibrant festival of Telangana and celebrated by women.
  • With flowers that grow exclusively in each region. This festival is a symbol of Telangana’s cultural identity.
  • Bathukamma comes during the latter half of monsoon, before the onset of winter.
  • The monsoon rains usually bring plenty of water into the fresh water ponds of Telangana.
  • And it is also the time when wild flowers bloom in various vibrant colors all across the uncultivated and barren plains of the region.
  • The most abundant of these are the ‘gunuka poolu’ and ‘tangedu poolu’.
  • There are other flowers too like the banti, chemanti, nandi-vardhanam etc.
  • The festival begins a week before the grand ‘Saddula Batukamma’ which falls two days before Dussehra.
  • On the last day, the men folk of the house go into the wild plains and gather the flowers like gunuka and tangedi.
  • They bring home bagfuls of these flowers and the entire household sits down to make the big ‘Batukamma’.
  • The flowers are carefully arranged row after row in a brass plate (called taambalam) in circular rows and in alternate colors.
  • Batukamma celebrates the inherent relationship between earth, water and the human beings.
  • The flowers used in Batukamma have a great quality of purifying water.

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