The Biggest Management Event on the Earth

  • What makes the Indian elections a spectacle is the size and the complexity of the process. It is not only the biggest election in the world, it is the biggest management event of any kind.
  • In May 2019, at the end of a winding process stretching over 43 days and across seven phases, 900 million eligible voters — the combined population of Europe and Central America — will choose the next government.
  • The election to the 17th Lok Sabha will be executed by a task force of nearly 11 million civilian and security personnel, many of whom will trek across inhospitable terrain to get to the last voter.
  • Surprisingly, the ECI, the institution that steers this exercise, is a rather small body of 450 officers and staff. It raises its massive army by dipping into the reservoir of government officials.
  • During the election period a vast number of additional officers and staff are temporarily drafted who all work subject to supervision, direction, control and discipline of the Commission. They function mainly as polling
  • In Gujarat’s Gir forests, a polling booth has been set up for the last 30 years for a single voter — the priest of the Banej temple.
  • Elections are the only time the priest has human company at night, as polling officials reach the spot a day in advance to enable him to vote.

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