Lessons learnt from Steve Jobs: Guy Kawasaki at TEDxUCSD

  • Experts are clueless. Don't listen to the experts, listen to your heart.
  • Customers usually cannot tell what they want. You need to have vision to built a product.
  • Customers only want better, faster and cheaper. They will not share the specifications.
  • Concentrate on benefits that product shall give and not on the process your company follow.
  • Biggest challenges lead to biggest accomplishment.
  • Design counts- people care about product that look beautiful. Make product that look beautiful.
  • Use big fonts and big graphics to make the best presentation ever.
  • Changing mind is a sign of intelligence and not stupidity.
  • Value is not equal to price. Try to not fight on price.
  • A player hire A+ player. Hire people smarter than you.
  • Real CEOs do demo of their product. Show the people how it works.
  • Real entrepreneur ship. They build products and then test. Certain times it is necessary to give a try to even a crappy product.
  • Marketing = unique value. Create and market a product that is unique and creates value to be best brand in the world
  • Something needs to be believed to be seen. First you need to believe in your dreams/products then you can develop.

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