Key Learning from How to multiply your time by Rory Vaden- TEDxDouglasville

  • Procrastinating on purpose is the key to being able to Multiply your time
  • You can't manage time, time continues on whether we like it or not. So, it is all about self management and nothing like time management exists.
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    Dr. Stephen Covey introduced what we're referring to as 2-dimensional thinking- Time Management Matrix. Through this, we can set our priorities right but there is nothing about prioritizing that creates more time
  • To multiply time one needs to become a multiplier,what we call, 3-dimensional thinking. While most people only make decisions based on urgency, and importance, multipliers are making a third calculation -Significance.
  • Urgency is how soon does something matter, and importance is how much does it matter, then significance is how long is it going to matter.
  • Instead of asking "What's the most important thing I can do today?" ; multipliers, instead ask the question: "What can I do today, that would make tomorrow better?"
  • The way that you multiply time, is simple: " you multiply your time, by giving yourself the emotional permission to spend time on things today, that give you more time tomorrow."
  • Focus funnel can be visualized as this. Each task can be filtered through this funnel by 1st question- "Can I eliminate this?" 2nd- "Can I automate the task?", 3rd "Can it be delegated?" & 4th "Should I do this task now"
  • If the task must be done now, then that's what we call "concentrate". It's the permission to protect, focus, and eliminating distractions. And if the answer is task can be done later then it is "procrastinate on purpose"
  • It is not to procrastinate on it forever, you're going to pop that activity back to the top of the funnel, and that task shall be executed one day with those 4 strategies.
  • There's a major distinction in waiting to do something that we know we should be doing that we don't feel like doing, versus waiting to do something because we're deciding that now is not the right time.
  • Waiting to do something we know we should do, but don't feel like doing, that's procrastination, the killer of success.
  • Waiting to do something, because we're deciding that now is not the right time,that isn't procrastination,, that's a virtue, and it's an art form that the world needs, that is patience.
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