Failure as a stepping stone to success

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  • Psychologists say that the "fear of failure" is the biggest reason for depression in students and we have experienced the same in our school life.
  • Failure is rather insignificant because learning, growth, experience and struggle are always more important.
  • Buckminster Fuller, the famous inventor once said that, ‘Humans have learned only through mistakes’.
  • There's two aspects to overcoming failure: ‘never compare’ and ‘keep analysing’
  • We are all unique beings from different societies and situations, then how can we compare ourselves with others. Rather, we should strive to improve ourselves.
  • We should analyse our failures and ask the question 'Why?' then, list down those reasons and change the ones we can and ignore the ones which were inevitable.
  • Failure must be taken positively, we must remember what Ralf Emerson said where he compares life to experiments and that each failure is just a trial gone bad
  • The next time we face failure, always remember that the likes of Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and many more took failure as a lesson to be learnt.
  • And remember, 'The key to success is not avoiding failure, but to overcome the fear of failure.' And that If we have never failed then we haven’t tried.

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