Ways you can stop global warming

  • Greenhouse-gas emissions from human sources need to fall to net zero by 2050 to avoid catastrophic climate change.
  • By voicing your concerns—via social media or, better yet, directly to your elected officials—you send a message that you care about the warming world.
  • Change light bulbs to compact fluorescents or LEDs. Unplug computers, TVs and other electronics when not in use.
  • Ask your utility to switch your account to clean, renewable power, such as from wind farms.With costs dropping dramatically, renewable energy is best for usage
  • Buy organic and locally grown foods. Avoid processed items, since 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy production
  • Saving water reduces carbon pollution, too. That's because it takes a lot of energy to pump, heat, and treat your water
  • Garbage buried in landfills produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Keep stuff out of landfills by recycling paper, plastic, metal and glass.
  • LED lightbulbs use up to 80 percent less energy than conventional incandescents. They’re also cheaper in the long run

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