Increase Brand Awareness with Inbound Marketing

  • 1. Regular Content Production - Create new content regularly to improve your SEO and increase your chances of being found online.
  • 2. Infographics & Visual Content - People like & share infographic more than other content. colored visuals increase people's willingness to read content by 80%
  • 3. Multimedia - Multimedia content includes videos, presentations, webinars, and more. Short YouTube videos are a fantastic way to create buzz around your brand
  • 4. Demos, Free Trials, Samples - Nothing catches attention like free stuff. Use the power of "free" to get your hooks in potential customers.
  • 5.Interactive Content - Interactive content is highly shareable and drives high conversion rates. Quizzes, graders, checklists can add value for your visitors.
  • 6.Re marketing - Keep your business in front of visitors who have already seen your site. Re marketing targets prior visitors to keep your name at the forefront
  • 7. Email Tagline - Make sure to link to your website or blog in your email signature. This is a low-investment, low-effort way to promote your business.
  • 8. Industry Publications - Contact magazines, news sources, industry blogs, or other publications and see if they'll publish your content or company news.
  • 9.Guest Blogging - Guest blogging(Friends blog) is a great way to get your name out to a new audience. All of their followers will see your name on their blog.
  • 10. Community Involvement - Sponsor local events, get involved with local schools , and host your own events to make yourself a household name.
  • 11. Local/Industry Partnerships - Mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses can have a major impact on your bottom line.
  • 12.Daily Social Posting - You don't have to write a novel daily, but visitors should be able to look at your social media profiles and know you're in business.
  • 13. Paid Social Ads - For B2B companies, LinkedIn has a huge professional population and highly targeted advertising capabilities to get your name out.
  • 14.Social Publishing - LinkedIn also offers Pulse, a social blogging platform that lets users write and publish on their own.

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