Genghis Khan

  • Originally known as Temüjin of the Borjigin, Genghis was born holding a clot of blood in his hand.
  • His father was khan of a small tribe, but he was murdered when Temüjin was still very young.
  • The new tribal leader wanted nothing to do with Temüjin's family, so with his mother and five other children, Temüjin was cast out and left to die.
  • Of all those in this list, he is the only one to start with nothing.
  • From the most brutal beginning possible, Genghis survived to unite the Mongolian tribes and conquer territories as far apart as Afghanistan and northern China.
  • Genghis khan is the most brutal emperor in the history of world.
  • He was the founder of the most contiguous empire of the world i.e. the Mongol empire.
  • He made an army by himself by uniting some nomadic tribes and trained them. Then he started Mongol invasions.
  • His invasions over countries includes massacres of many civilians. He was successful in conquering almost all parts of Central Asia and China.
  • He left a mountain of skulls that remained for years in China.
  • In all, Genghis conquered almost four times the lands of Alexander the Great. He is still revered in Mongolia and in parts of China.
  • He was an unbeatable military man. His military accomplishments are above extra ordinary.
  • Genghis Khan paved the way for his grandson Kublai to become emperor of a united China and founder of the Yuan dynasty.
  • Besides military possessions, he also created many other reforms in the Mongol dynasty.
  • He declared Uyghur script as writing system for Mongol empire. He was very liberal in religious view.
  • The main example here is of the nomadic tribes of northeast Asia, uniting whom the whole empire was build.
  • He was originally a Muslim, but he possesses great tolerance in religions. He constructed various temples and churches in his empire.
  • This great ruler is regarded as the founding father of Mongolians.

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