Gujarat Day Significance - Why, How & When

  • After independence & partition of India in 1947, new Indian government grouped the former princely states of Gujarat in 3 parts - Saurashtra, Kutch & Bombay.
  • The new state had a mostly Gujarati-speaking north and a Marathi-speaking south.
  • Agitation by Gujarati nationalists, Mahagujarat Movement & Marathi nationalists, Samyukta Maharashtra, for their own states led to split of Bombay state
  • On 1st May 1960, two states came into existence - the new states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.
  • The first capital of Gujarat was Ahmedabad; the capital was moved to Gandhinagar in 1970.
  • Members of legislative assembly were elected from 132 constituencies of newly formed Gujarat state.
  • Indian National Congress (INC) won the majority and Jivraj Narayan Mehta became the first chief minister of Gujarat.
  • Gujarat was created out of 17 northern districts of the former state of Bombay

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