The confused youth of India

  • My association to teaching profession has given me the opportunity to interact with the youth of our country and has always landed me to the reality of the confused youth of India.
  • I keep wandering time and again to look for the grounds for the scenario.
  • I have found following reasons on the basis of interaction with the yoth itself:
  • 1. lack of proper guidance and counseling 2. Stereotype thinking of Indian parents. 3. Lack of systematic primary education.4. Lack of exposure to youth belongs to rural area.5.Increasing population is an undeniable fact
  • Th youth is confused because they are not confident enough. There is rat race. More significance is given to degrees than skills. The lack of focus put them in to state of confusion.

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  • Yes true. structured counseling is very important.

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  • nice thoughts. counselling, courage and over-dependence and/or over-protection of parents

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