Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in Rajasthan

  • Rajasthan is a heaven for a wide spectrum of wildlife. The topography of Rajasthan ranges from the barren desert, scrub-thorn arid forests,rocks and ravines to wetlands and lush, green forests.
  • And each of these areas houses a large variety of animal and bird life. Some of them rare while some endangered.
  • Rajasthan is the home of the tigers, black bucks,chinkara, the rare desert fox,the endangered caracal, the great Indian bustard,gavial, monitor lizard,wild boars,porcupine.
  • Migratory birds like the common crane, ducks,coots, pelicans and the rare Siberian cranes,imperial sandgrouse, falcons, buzzards flocks to this state during the winter months.
  • Typical areas representing each of the ecosystems have been earmarked as special areas wildlife. Rajasthan boasts of two National Parks,over a dozen Sanctuaries and two Closed Areas.
  • Most of these areas are open to visitors round the year but are closed briefly during the monsoon. .. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary .. Ranthambore National Park .. Sariska Wild Life Sanctuary .. Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary
  • To read more about Wildlife check out below link - https://bit.ly/2ObAXMC

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