Five tips from 'The Happiest Man on the Earth' - BBC

  • Happiness is not the pursuit of an endless succession of pleasant experiences. That is recipe for endless exhaustionn not for happiness.
  • 1. Start by defining happiness- Happiness is a way of being, a healthy state of mind that gives you the inner resources to deal with life’s ups and downs.
  • 2. Be patient- It takes time to cultivate all those fundamental human qualities that create well being.
  • 3. Know that you can train your mind- If you train the mind to be more compassionate or altruistic, your brain will change, you will be a different person
  • 4. Practice little and often- Just like watering plants where you need to put some water everyday, you also need to do the same for meditation.
  • 5. Don’t let boredom discourage you- Sometimes when it seems boring that’s when some actual change occurs. Regularity is one of the great tips in mind training.

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