1. Emotions are quite physical, as different body parts react to different emotions
2. According to scientists, there are 8 primary innate emotions: joy, acceptance, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, and anticipation
3. If you are sarcastic, chances are you have a good creative flare
4. Laughter is contagious FOR REAL, as your brain prepares your facial muscles for it upon hearing someone else laughing
5. In fact, your facial muscles kind of control your power of displaying and detecting emotions
6. Fear makes us actively use more muscles than we usually do
7. And you can actually smell fear, scientists say
8. Dreaming helps to diminish the effects of bad memories
9. Anger can make people physically sick \
10. Smells have quite an effect on our emotions
11. And that flutter of butterflies in your tummy is actually your stomach crying for help

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Harshil Harshil Bhatt  visibility91  access_alarms3 d 
  • Mobile applications: Mobile applications allow you to include advertisements in mobile apps design. Mobile applications can include widgets, virtual machines
  • In-game: This form of advertisement will have ads within a mobile game.The ads can appear as a pop-up or full page
  • SMS (short message service):You probably know SMS better as texting. Using SMS, marketers can send text messages to customers with offers and other information
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  • It prevents Obesity-People who are in the habit of eating a good breakfast tend to have fewer cravings compared to those who do not.
  • It should be varied-While you don’t need an elaborate meal planned out every day, nutritionists do advise against a monotonous routine.
  • Spend atleast 20 minutes having your breakfast-Rushing doesn’t just make you more likely to make bad choices, but can also cause digestive problems.
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  • 1. Learn the basics.
  • 2. Take note of font communication.
  • 3. Understand kerning.
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  • Salman khan doesn’t watch Katrina’s films.
  • He loves Chinese food and his favorite restaurant is china garden in Mumbai. Salman Khan wanted to be a writer.
  • Salman’s favorite actress is Hema Malini and favorite actor is Sylvester Stallone.
krutika Krutika Zala  visibility1158  access_alarms12 m 
  • Keep the right attitude, attitude matters as much as or more than the actual output while starting your career.
  • Regardless of your job title or job description, your actual job is to make your boss/supervisor’s life easier.
  • Take performance reviews with a grain of salt, use whatever you get as feedback, that you can process and choose whether or not you want to make those changes.
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  • Feminist means a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.
  • Chimamanda Ngozi speaks about how unfairly women are treated with respect to men in Nigeria.
  • She speaks about her experiences that she has faced in Nigeria and how she would like people to respect women and pay equal attention to them as men
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  • Raster images are made up of thousands of pixels which determine the color and form of the image. Photos are raster images.
  • Vector-based images are made up of points, each of which has a defined X and Y coordinate.
  • CMYK( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black ) is the standard color mode for sending documents to the printers.
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  • Dussehra is a sanskrit word combined with two different words. DASHA & HARA means removing of 10
  • This festival is also known as Vijayadashmi which is also derived from two different sanskrit word. VIJAYA means victory and DASHMI means 10th
  • Dussehra or Vijayadashami, actually are two celebrations in India: the victory of Rama over Ravana & the victory of the goddess Durga over demon Mahishasur
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  • 01. Don’t Forget To Kern
  • 02. Don’t Disregard Readability/Legibility For Aesthetic Reasons
  • 03. Keep Your Line Lengths Short
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  • Advocacy Marketing is a form of marketing that emphasizes getting existing customers to talk about the company and its products
  • simply, advocacy marketing is basically activating a select set out of existing customers, and engage with them in such a way to get them advocate your brand
  • Main areas where advocate marketing can deliver huge value: Reach a wider audience through trusted channels
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  • To learn - Travel helps you learn new things about life and living
  • Being Adventurous - Traveling opens door to be adventurous and explore the unexplored.
  • Connect - Connects us to other cultures and people
Sai Sai Karthik  visibility1153  access_alarms11 m 
  • Zero George – zerogeorge.com
  • The Restoration – therestorationhotel.com
  • The Elliott House Inn – elliotthouseinn.com
Hardik Hardik Bhadani  visibility1416  access_alarms12 m 
  • These things you should consider for your future phone
  • 1. Build quality: It's all about durability of a smartphone. glass-based handset are sure to shatter. So go for Plastic or Metal body of phone
  • 2. Display: regular or largely use of smartphone for emails, chatting and browsing social media apps, then anything from 5-inc to 5.5-inc HD is perfect
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  • Employees should maintain a professional social media profile as they represent the company. If possible, all employees can have similar profile pic on LinkedIn
  • While sharing company''s posts, employee should share their personal views to make it more acceptable and authentic, instead of just sharing the posts.
  • Employees should not post sensitive information or offensive content connected to company on any social media platform.
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  • There are great startup ideas lying around unexploited right under our noses because of Schelp Blindness.
  • Schlep was originally a Yiddish word but has passed into general use in the US. It means a tedious, unpleasant task.
  • Most founders of startups want to put up a clever bit of code they wrote and just watch the money flow in.
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  • It is a treaty between India - Pakistan for the water distribution of Indus River
  • The treaty was signed on 19 September, 1960 in Karachi by Prime Minister of India (Jawaharlal Nehru) & President of Pakistan (Ayub Khan)
  • Agreement stated that control of 3 eastern river - Beas, Ravi & Sutlej was given to India & 3 western river Indus, Chenab & Jhelum was given to Pakistan