Education in India

  • 1 out of 9 join college. India has one of the lowest higher education enrollment ratio of 11%. In US it is 83%. The ratio has improved to 25.2% in 2017.
  • Recent ASSCoM-McKinsey study showed that only 1 out of 10 Indian students with degrees in humanities and 1 out of 4 engineering graduates are employable.
  • Only 3% had suitable skills to be employed in software or product market, and only 7% were able to handle core engineering tasks.
  • A study by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council showed that 90% of the colleges and 70% of the universities that the council graded of poor quality
  • Shortage of teachers was endemic with even the IITs reporting a 20 to 30% shortfall in faculty.
  • Indian universities revise their curricula only once in 5 to 10 yrs.
  • Over-regulation by the government and a multiplicity of agencies have seen higher education stagnate and corruption become institutionalized.
  • Students attempting suicide because of pressure to perform well in secondary board exams is rising alarmingly.
  • Recent study found that in rural north India on an average day, there is no teaching activity in half of the primary schools.
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