Five Healthcare Innovations Creating a Buzz in 2019

  • Healthcare has a series of challenges and unmet needs in today's market, but new solutions providers are coming up with some really interesting technologies to solve these problems
  • With advent of upcoming technology, data processing power, evolving understanding of AI, novel therapy development platforms, and other factors, there are a lot of promising solutions coming in healthcare
  • Here are 5 interesting healthcare innovations that will definitely leave a mark on the industry:
  • 1. Protecting children’s health with ethical genomics, by doing large scale genomic screening tests only the tests where there is an available prevention or treatment after the diagnosis
  • NextGen is an Australian genetic sequencing company which sequences specific genes in new born babies to identify over 50 treatable or preventable diseases
  • 2. Personalised cancer-targeting medicine: Companies such as Moderna and BioNTech are producing personalised medicine based on genetic profiles taken from patients
  • Companies are doing this by designing messenger RNA that instructs cells to produce proteins capable of treating specific forms of disease
  • 3. Utilising rare disease medical data: Onno Faber co-founded the healthcare start up RDMD, to accelerate development of treatments for rare diseases, whilst helping patients gain back a sense of control
  • RDMD ensures vital data from patients suffering from rare medical disorders is anonymised and delivered to pharmaceutical medical companies to support medicine development
  • 4. Novel drug design using generative modelling: Generative modelling AI technology is already established in other fields such as image processing but has only recently been applied to chemistry
  • The technology is now being used to address one of the big challenges in drug design; for example Merck is working with Itkos, a specialist company in this field, on three drug discovery projects
  • 5. Lung Cancer App (LuCApp): LuCApp has been developed by researchers and clinicians to promote the monitoring and management of lung cancer patients’ symptoms and treatment-related side effects
  • The app improves self-management of symptoms, whilst sharing patient data in real-time with health professionals
  • While there are many app based solutions, this one has been particularly designed to improve the quality of life and delivery of care for patients suffering from lung cancer

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