10 Most Common Phobias

  • 1. Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders and other arachnids such as scorpions.
  • 2. Ophidiophobia- fear of snakes.
  • 3. Social phobia- Also known as social anxiety disorder is the fear of being in a social event or situation.
  • 4. Aerophobia- fear of flying. The victims of aerophobia get anxious and very afraid at the mere thought of being in an airplane or a helicopter.
  • 5. Agoraphobia- fear of public places or open spaces.
  • 6. Mysophobia- fear of dirt due to contamination by bacteria and germs.
  • 7. Claustrophobia- fear of enclosed spaces.
  • 8. Acrophobia- Also, known as Vertigo is the fear of heights.
  • 9. Cancerphobia- fear of developing cancer.
  • 10. Necrophobia- fear of death (your own or other's death).

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