10 steps to improve Mileage of car

  • 1) Keep pressure of tyre as per recommendation of manufacturer. Reduced tyre pressure means increased friction between tyre and road .Increase fuel consumption.
  • 2)Be as smooth as possible with car control.Treat accelerator and brake pedal with respect.
  • 3)Two short trips will inevitably consume more fuel than one slightly larger.This is because your car consumes extra fuel each time you crank the engine.
  • 4) You will save more fuel with the windows up than AC turned on.
  • 5)Shift the highest possible gear without engine knocking.Car will consumes more fuel in lower gearing while accelerating .
  • 6)The heavier the car the greater will be its thirst.Do not keep unnecessary load in car.
  • 7)An idling car burns fuel without really going any where.Switch engine off when your car is in idling condition.
  • 8)Keep air and oil filter clean.Maintain schedule.
  • 9) Before you go somewhere ,choose your route carefully.Try to avoid driving in rush hours.
  • 10)If you don't need to drive somewhere, please don't. Take a walk.

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