10 Simple Rules of Visual Storytelling

  • 1. Show, don’t tell
  • Probably the oldest and most important unwritten rule in film industry says that you shouldn’t rely much on words to tell your story.
  • 2. Context Is Everything
  • If we’re going to use just a few words, we will need to use some shortcuts to better communicate with our audience. Those shortcuts are our context.
  • 3. Show People
  • We relate better to other people, than to bacteria. And we certainly relate better to people than to a brand or business.
  • 4. Be personal, be true
  • Share your true story and you’ll be setting yourself apart from all the other brands out there.They can’t share that same story, because they are not you.
  • 5. Show conflict
  • Conflict happens whenever someone wants or needs something and must fight for it. This ‘something’ can be a lot of things: an object, love, survival, etc.
  • 6. Reveal hidden things
  • One of the rules of a good story is to take the audience to a hidden place that they don’t get to see everyday.
  • 7. Focus
  • A visual story is the same. Too many details, and you lose your audience attention.
  • 8. Keep Moving!
  • Stories flow. Your images needs to move. But that doesn’t mean that your image needs to be in fact a video or an animated GIF.
  • 9. Don’t be obvious
  • One of the famous Pixar rules of storytelling goes to great lengths to demonstrate you should avoid the obvious, in order to surprise and engage your audience.
  • 10. Teach something
  • Every marketing effort carries a message,that of your brand or business.when humans started putting together stories,they did it to teach important life lesson.

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