Importance of Customer Centricity in Direct Selling

  • The success of a business depends on the ability to cater customer needs. Many companies are focused on customers, but there is a huge difference between being customer-centric and just providing what the customer wants.
  • This idea holds true for direct selling companies as well. Direct selling companies have to be customer-centric companies( if they want to survive.
  • Direct selling companies know how important it is to focus on their customers because without them they have nothing.
  • These companies take this step to become customer-centric see an increase in productivity, profit margins, and reputation.Customer-centric companies are not only doing well for themselves but also the people they serve.
  • DSN surveyed different industries to find which were most customer-centric( and how much success these businesses achieved.
  • The customer-centric companies that are being listed are those having a high customer-distributor ratio and encourages end customer sales.
  • Platinum based companies are those having a customer-distributor ratio of more than 10 customers to 1 distributor whereas Gold status is having a ratio of 5-10 customers to one distributor.
  • Platinum Companies: “ACN” “Bhip Global” “It Works!” “Stream/Kynect” “Nu Skin”( “Le-Vel” “Scentsy” “Usborne”
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    Gold Companies: “MONAT GLOBAL” “Neora” “Perfectly Posh” “Total Life Changes”
  • The desire to make customers happy is a universal trait that every business owner strives for. With the right knowledge and some patience, it's possible to be successful in customer satisfaction.
  • There are different aspects that need to be considered when attempting to please a customer.
  • The product, cost, presentation, and packaging, marketing, customer service, time and cost involved in shipping the product and more all play a role in whether or not a customer is satisfied with their purchase.
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