Reasons why you should trust your doctors and not the internet

  • These days the internet also provides plenty of medical information. Almost everyone checks symptoms online before visiting the doctor. But is this information reliable?
  • Reasons why you should trust your doctor not the internet
  • 1. Doctor will understand the symptoms better
  • 2. Expert advice is always better
  • 3. Internet don't know your history
  • 4. Detailed communication Is not possible on internet
  • 5. You may not know how reliable the website is
  • 6. You could freak yourself out
  • 7. You could misdiagnose yourself
  • 8. There might be some dangerous advice out there on web
  • 9. Those who advise are mostly selling their product out there, so they might not be the reliable source
  • 10. The information written over there might not be written by experts

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