Content writing strategies that the beginners need to know

  • Content strategy requires teamwork. It should be in accordance with User Experience, Design, Information Architecture, Development
  • Considering content AND the people that create the content will help in meeting users’ expectations and achieving business objectives.
  • Match your writing to your audience’s literacy level. Keep your language simple and clear in order to match with your audience
  • Keyword stuffing is never okay. Although SEO should always be a focal point, if you stuff keywords into your copy you’ll negatively impact the readability
  • The Five W’s (and H) provide a checklist to ensure your content strategy covers all bases- why ,what, who, where, how, when
  • When you reference another website’s content, make sure you hyperlink back to that site.Always cite your sources
  • Every content strategy needs to incorporate SEO best practice to be effective; every SEO needs to embrace SEO content marketing in order to remain on Google
  • Get your developers to wrap your content in metadata to achieve a greater visibility in search results and a richer user experience when browsing.
  • We must build platforms that allow our users to tell their stories and audiences can create, publish, engage and share their own content.
  • Your content writing should always offer value to the reader in terms of insightful ideas and actionable tips.
  • There should be a gap between writing the content and editing it

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