Tips for an effective email marketing

  • Build your subscriber list- make sure your list is always growing passively with a signup feature on your website.
  • Encourage readers to reply – Speak to readers directly and promise them something that stands out from the other emails in their inbox.
  • Make sure your message sounds like it came from a real person who cares, not some faceless marketing machine.
  • Segmenting your email lists by reader demographics makes it easier to create a message that really resonates with their needs and interests
  • Whenever possible, add a personal element to your emails
  • Determine which emails are most important while suppressing those of less significance.
  • Start off by making sure your recipients have opted into your emails so you aren't running afoul of any regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • Use short paragraphs and ensuring that keywords and phrases relevant to your readers stand out.
  • Always try to include visually striking buttons with text that give readers more than one opportunity to interact e.g., Find out more! Download Now! etc
  • Make emails mobile-friendly. 66% of email opens occur on smartphones or tablets. Make it optimized for viewing on these device
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