Different shades in one painting called life

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    Life has given me way more chapters than I ever expected.
  • I've learned to accept failure , I learnt the truth that nothing is permanent and that none can make you feel bad or guilty for something unnecessary if you don't allow them to . I've learned how to face heartbreaks.
  • I've learned how to be happy . I've learned how to let go something you love , how to let go some persons whom you believe as your home.
  • The biggest gift I ever gifted myself is I learned to smile again . I don't say I'm proud of myself but here I'm behaving little selfish and only credits myself in making 'Me' again.All I know is I got myself back.
  • At some points I feel restless . I forget I've many responsibilities . I forget it's just not me, It's my paa ,maa ,it's us (my family) . All that I'm today its just because of them.
  • It's not easy to move on . It's not easy to face heartbreaks. It's not easy to handle when you feel you're drowning in your own thoughts . It's hard when you can't shove them away.
  • You've to be brave , brave enough to face those shits . To just kick off all the toxicity in your life (Even some persons) .
  • Once you learn to let go peoples whom you're holding back from so long and accept it that they already left , you'll learn it ...To be alone ,to be happy . And that it's not necessary to have a partners or companions always.
  • Once you leave things that make you feel bad . You'll learn it that life is all about ME, MYSELF & MY HAPPINESS and that no one can steal it from you. Unless and until you permit them to have a place in your life .
  • I've always blamed myself for some mistakes which I didn't committed even, and later cried for doing injustice to myself. I was kind to others (looser) , I was kind to peoples who didn't care about me.
  • And after all these years I suffered ,I learned to face the cruelty of the world . I learned to forgive myself for blaming myself for every thing . I've started praising me for my goodness .
  • This life is a gift. None wants to lose it . Yes , there are some circumstances that may come in any individual's life to think to end their life , to die. But it's all about your mind only you can handle it .
  • It's only you who can stop yourself from harming you . I've gone through this a hundred times . Yes, I didn't kill myself even I made myself more strong , Strong enough to figure out what I can do .
  • Strong enough to fight against my thoughts . And make myself that imperfect perfect girl again.
  • It was a long journey from the happy me to again the 'Re-happy me' but all thru the journey I learnt many lessons , I heard many whispers that it's going to be tacf , I passed many lights and shadows.
  • I cannot forget the nights I decided to stay awake and cry. I cannot forget the long days I only waited to pass by . I cannot forget that mixed feelings I wanted to share but scared . I cannot forget how alone I was.
  • Now that I know it's okay . It's okay to be sad sometimes , it's okay to be depressed. It's okay that I was in depression for months. And it's okay that I faced it all . I've none to blame it for .
  • It's life. It have different shades like a painting . It have both sorrows & happiness in it. If nights come, it's sure there will be a morning next after it.
  • All I want to say is I'm only thankful to myself that I did it . I became what I wanted ' A happy me ' .
  • And that I FOUNDED ME!

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