Importance of Spirituality in our daily life

  • Defines Purpose of life: Explains the actual purpose of life. If one is confused of why he is born, a spiritual life can give him the answers for it.
  • It also lets him accepts the life as it is and also forgive the suffering.
  • Promotes peace and harmony: It minimizes violence, aggression and struggles.
  • It encourages acceptance, forgiveness which help everyone to live together in harmony.
  • Social organization: It helps to organize the society in a proper way. Spirituality provides mental peace and also stability in the family and at work.
  • It helps to improve tolerance and patience.
  • Improves mental and physical health: It gives better health as it tells when to eat, how to eat, keep thoughts good.
  • Knowledge and wisdom: Spirituality enhances knowledge and wisdom. Spirituality is one where one obtains knowledge from within.
  • Nature dominance: Helps man keep the nature under his control. Many spiritually enlightened people have performed miracles which tend to keep nature at their will.
  • Enhances love and affection: It helps encourages man to show love and care for everyone around including environment.
  • No fear & Clear thought: It removes fear of death and other insecurities. It also helps to overcome attachment to this world and life related issues.
  • Enhances growth and welfare: Spirituality enhances work ethics and work quality as the person intends for service and betterment of others through his work.
  • Better rules : It helps in setting better rules for mankind and the world.

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