Facebook announces plan to develop a new feature to delete browsing history

  • Facebook has announced an important new feature to give users more control over how their Facebook data is used – the option to totally delete browsing history.
  • This feature will enable you to see the websites and apps that send us information when you use them.
  • Also, delete this information from your account, and turn off our ability to store it associated with your account going forward.
  • FYI Facebook is able to track even non-users through their activity on sites which use Facebook’s Pixel and other data-tracking measures.
  • This new tool won’t necessarily stop that, but it will give users an easier way to remove their browsing history from Facebook’s servers.
  • They'll still provide apps and websites with aggregated analytics like age group, gender, etc things to the developer of the app/website.
  • It’s another measure of Facebook to help reassure users that their data is safe, or at least within their control.

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