6 Street Artists Who Blend Art With Social Commentary

  • 1. Banksy
  • Instead of a Molotov or a brick, the "thug" is tossing a bouquet of flowers in a powerful call for non-violent action.
  • 2. Skutur Design Collective
  • In this art man shielding himself from enjoyment, unable to see the potential for fun, and a child exposing himself to it in open joy.
  • 3. IHeart
  • This piece criticizes our obsession with social media attention. The artist says that "every 'like', new follower or comment serves to validate an existence."
  • 4. Blu
  • Based in Serbia, the artist communicates here that the expansion of cities for the benefit of humanity comes at the cost of consuming nature.
  • 5. Plastic Jesus
  • This is a criticism of the injustice in the legal system regarding rapists who are not convicted or are given either grossly short sentences or reprimands alone
  • 6. Michael Pederson
  • A seemingly lighthearted piece can be understood to also comment on human interference and judgement in nature.

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