Social Media trends for HealthCare Marketers

  • Here are 5 social media marketing trends, healthcare marketers should be on the lookout -
  • Live-Streaming: Some of the most talked about apps these days are live-streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat. Also Facebook Live with doctors rules.
  • Mobile Dominance: Designs of post to the caption needs to be mobile compatible considering 72% traffic comes from mobile.
  • Social Networks Emerging as Search Engines: Many users now skip the search engine and perform their searches directly on social media. Thus hashtags becomes imp
  • Influencer Marketing: Content and messaging created by influencers isn’t yet held to scrutiny and is seen as more organic, even that it's sponsored ad.
  • Increased Efforts on Newer Social Media Sites:Instagram now provides advertising opportunities , and the Snapchat Story has proved to be a great branding tool.

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