The ending hopes

  • Well! Most heartbreaking moment of 2019 since now (losing semi-final). Still not acceptable we are out of the world cup 2019. With every win confidence to conquer cup was even more strongly built.
  • But the destiny was something very antagonistic to our hopes. With the good start with the ball everything seemed to be in our control. But later rain kept its hold and left everyone in anxiety for one more day.
  • But the next day kiwis looked very agressive since the starting and made our openers to middle over batsman their prey. Where everyone couldn't face their attack , Sir JADEJA and DHONI kept our hopes alived. But alas!!
  • That run out by GUPTILL in the 48th over of DHONI changed the whole game. "That millimeters distance from finals" took all our hopes away. The wait of 8 years couldn't meet up and extended even more.

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