Should I buy A Diesel or Petrol engine car??

  • Price difference : the diesel model of any car is always more expensive than petrol model.
  • Daily/monthly running : 1200-1500 km a month would be considered good enough to purchase diesel model.
  • Fuel price gap: however,ever since the deregularisation of diesel prices by the government this gap has come down from rs.21/ltr in 2013 to around 12.43/ltr cur
  • Servicing cost and cost of spare parts are higher for diesel car .
  • NVH(Noise,vibration and harshness) levels of petrol cars are lower than diesel car.
  • Diesel engine do not use spark plug but it uses turbochargers which increases maintenance cost.
  • So,It is a feasible option to buy petrol car than diesel car now a days.

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