Pros and cons of using social media in healthcare marketing

  • Pros :
  • 1. Doctors can connect with patients and establish relationships online, allowing them to build credibility and trust with the growing social media community.
  • 2. Most cost-effective way to reach patients and influence them .
  • 3. Targeted marketing helps directly reach the exact person who is conscious about the treatment needed.
  • 4. It extends the reach of medicine to rural areas without access to high quality care, and it also enables patients to consult with specialists.
  • 5. Brands can facilitate groups with similar diseases that might want to get together to talk about their treatments, their symptoms, things they’ve tried.
  • This leads to improved brand image, increased reach and create a smart point of contact.
  • Cons:
  • 1. Privacy- Social Media team needs to secure the SOP, making sure that confidential patient information doesn’t leak out of the organization.
  • 2. Compliance: There can be regulatory and legal issues through content as healthcare needs to follow that strictly.
  • 3. Control – You can’t control what’s said about you on social media and so users may complaint freely. But this can be solved by strategically responding.
  • Time – Social media does not give instant results.It takes commitment and continued efforts to create or curate content, manage your page, respond and analyse.