Patang Hotel / Revolving Hotel Ahmedabad

  • Patang hotel was the first revolving restaurant of its kind in India, started in 1984
  • Structure of the hotel resembles a traditional "chabutara" where birds come for feeding and water
  • It has a free standing umbrella type structure, accessible via view elevators that provide a view of the river and walled city of Ahmedabad
  • It has a revolving platform, with an internal width of 18’ and 62’ outer diameter and is designed for a total load of 25 kgs/ sq. ft.
  • It's entire revolution takes around 90 mins, giving the customers a full 360 degree view of the city
  • Currently it has the capacity to seat 136 people
  • It was closed down for certain reasons and reopened in 2007, with a new name "Neelkanth"
  • Currently the food is a vegetarian buffet spread, and due to high demand it is advisable to book a table in advance

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