Starlink Space program Giving cheap internet through more than 5000 satellites.

  • Each Starlink satellite launched May 23 weighs roughly 227 kilograms. Collectively they are expected to deliver 1 terabit per second of usable capacity, and 2.5 to 3 terabits per second of total capacity.
  • The launch deployed the Starlink satellites into a 440-kilometer orbit. From there, the spacecraft will use Krypton-fueled electric propulsion thrusters to reach their target operational altitude of 550 kilometers.
  • The lower orbit means less signal lag, and also ensures that atmospheric drag will pull satellites down in five years or less, reducing the risk of space debris from any damaged or defunct spacecraft.
  • Starlink will be able to start partial service with around 400 satellites,and will reach significant operational capability at around 800 satellites.Once it reaches 1000 spacecraft, it will economical viable.
  • SpaceX has plans to deploy nearly 12,000 satellites in three orbital shells by the mid-2020s: initially placing approximately 1600 in a 550-kilometer (340 mi)-altitude shell.

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