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  • Apostille : Apostille refers to Authentication or legalization. It is applied only to the original documents. This means that the documents come from a recognized state authority and Documents are Genuine. The Apostille is Required in countries that are members of the Hague Convention, and India is also one among them. According to the Hague Convention of 1961, there are many countries that require a document to go through the Apostille process prior to being presented. These documents are first attested by Mumbai Mantralaya, State Home Department or Sub Divisional Magistrate and then it goes to Ministry of External Affairs. In India, only MEA has the Authority to issue the Apostille Stamp.
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    Attestation : Attestation is a process to get the documents authenticated by Local State HRD/GAD and Concerned Embassy/Consulate. It assures that the certificate was genuinely issued by an existing, reputed and trustworthy organization. Like, all the educational certificates are certified through universities with their seal and signature on the document. We offer services for getting the documents attested from the reliable institutions. In all this process, time holds a great importance as no one wants to wait. At Estonia Apostille, we try our best to get the certificates attested as soon as possible. We are well-known in the market and have tie-up with the embassies of different countries. We provide certificate attestation services for multiple embassies including Malaysian, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Yemen and more. We hold expertise in providing services for all the required business and operation permits from the beginning.
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