Things to consider before buying a second hand car

  • Look Carefully at the Car’s Exterior and Interior. Make sure to check the interior upholstery carefully, along with any repairs to the exterior of the car
  • Before you even get started, you should decide how much you are willing to spend on the car.
  • Always test drive the car on the roads that include cornering or turnings
  • Have the gear box, clutch checked thoroughly by a good mechanic or a person who has good knowledge about it.
  • The used car that you purchase has to be what best fits your lifestyle and your needs
  • Ask the car owner for all the proof and records of the service he has done for the car ever since he/she bought it.
  • Check for the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) which will give details like the manufacturing date of the car, engine number etc, so you can be sure
  • The used car dealer is willing to negotiate a little bit. Be certain that you understand there is just so good of a deal
  • Read reviews on the make and model of car that you are willing to purchase
  • Check the odometer reading. It gives the idea about the usage of the car in terms of kilometers

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