Father's Day

  • The idea originated in the USA and has been officially celebrated there on the third Sunday in June since 1966.
  • Many believe that Sonora Dodd, from Washington, came up with the idea.
  • Dodd and her siblings had been raised by their father as a single parent after their mother died in childbirth.
  • With the local YMCA and the Ministerial Association of Spokane, a city near where she was born, Dodd began a campaign to have the day officially recognised.
  • The first such “Father’s Day” was held in Spokane in 1910, with a number of towns and cities across America later following suit.
  • Dodd wanted to celebrate Father's Day on June 5th, her father's birthday and petitioned for the holiday to be recognized in her city.
  • Needing more time to arrange the festivities, Spokane’s mayor pushed the date back by two weeks.
  • And the first Father's Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, according to the Spokane Regional Convention and Visitor Bureau.

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