• Since my childhood I have always heard people saying that their Idols their heros are their parents... But not for me my superhero is my brother our relation is like Tony stark and Peter Parker
  • Steve Rogers and Bucky, Thor and Loki it cannot be expressed in words. It's special.....
  • Whenever I need him be it in bad times or good times he is always by my side. Without him my life is like Atacama desert(worlds most dry desert) and with him its like the world's most exciting and biggest Amusement Park.
  • We are actually cousins but our relation is like real brothers. He is my friend, my advicer, my partner in crime, my teacher but most importantly he's my brother.
  • He's just like a coconut hard and strong from outside and soft and tender from inside. He shows that he doesn't care alot but even if get late for even a fraction of second he starts calling everyone.
  • He is the best thing that God has given me (after my mother) He is my everything..... So Happy Birthday Mihir Dada

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