10 lessons from steve jobs that every marketer must learn

  • 1. Find good mentors.Jobs was also smart enough to find people he could learn from, his first tutors was Regis McKenna, a legendary Silicon Valley marketer
  • 2. Make a great product. Steve's 'secret' was to control the product and the marketing, not just the marketing.
  • 3. Stand for something. Jobs did a remarkable thing at Apple by insisting on a consistency of design and taste across everything Apple did.
  • 4. Spend money. Job believed in spending money that created value to the firm
  • 5. Create Experiences. Jobs gave the importance to storytelling and used it again and again to create a lasting experience.
  • 6. Keep secrets and build a mystery. Most marketers rush out to tell everyone about their product. Jobs held back information to get people excited.
  • 7. Find an enemy.Jobs believed that to sell product you had to first lead a movement and to have a revolution, you need to have something or someone to rebel
  • 8. Turn customers into evangelists.Apple fans don't think of themselves as customers. They feel as if they're part of a movement.
  • 9. Don’t talk about products. Focus on the kind of people who would use the products.
  • 10. Use pictures, not words.Apple devotes tremendous effort to say things in as few words as possible.

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