Certain Laws That Every Indian Should Know

  • No hotel or restaurant (even 5-star hotel ) can prohibit you from drinking portable water or using a washroom.
  • No person can be barred for entering any public place on the basis of any unspecific reasons like religion, caste, sex, etc.
  • No shopkeeper can charge a higher price of good than the printed price. But the consumer can bargain for a lower price or discount.
  • A police officer is always on duty whether wearing a uniform or not, he couldn’t refuse to help any victim saying he’s not on duty.
  • No women can be arrested by any male officer. Also, a woman can deny going to the police station before 6 A.M and after 6 P.M -other than for some exceptional situations with the prior permission of magistrate.
  • For non-filling of FIR, a police officer can be jailed for 6 months to 1 year.
  • No traffic police officer can take away the keys of a two-wheeler, legal proceedings can be initiated against him for doing such an act.
  • An LPG agency (gas agency) is liable to pay Rs 50 lakh if the cylinder blast during cooking of food. This shall be paid as compensation to the victim or the family, for which an FIR is to be lodged.
  • A pregnant woman cannot be fired off from a company. It is a punishable offense and shall result in imprisonment for a maximum of 3 years.
  • A statement by a rape victim can be made to district magistrate in private and there is no need for inclusion of any third person in it.
  • Those who cannot afford a lawyer, free legal aid from the government shall be provided to precede their case.

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