Rules of Managing Yourself At Workplace- 1

  • Get the Basic Job Done, get it done well and work bloody hard at it.
  • Be the person, bet the change you want to see in your team.
  • Enjoy Yourself- No one told you that you had to be Grave & Uptight.
  • Don't Let It Get You- Remember it is just a job.
  • Know What You Are Supposed To Be Doing- Your priority, The end point, The goal.
  • What You're Actually Doing- Have a plan, Then have a map & You'll get to your treasure.
  • Be Proactive- Ask your self and invest one hour a week for forward planning. Be a Shark, Keep Moving Forward.
  • Be Consistent- You can be stylish, exciting, dynamic, adventurous, innovative. Just make sure, whatever you decide to be, sick at it and be consistent consistently.

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